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About Us

Civil Service Institute
Civil Service Institute (CSI) is a center of excellence in public administration and institutional development,in Somaliland. Its establishment was aimed to develop and improve the capacity of public institutions and to discharge an effective and equitable public service delivery to the public. Since December 2009, it has provided expert learning opportunities to develop hundreds of civil servants, in line with national and sectoral plans and policies of Somaliland. At CSI we have a deep commitment to transforming the learning and teaching experience for students and staff, by empowering staff to create and support distinctive, innovative courses that address the needs of the modern civil servant.



CSI provides expert learning opportunities to develop hundreds of civil servants. We also offer a wide range of undergraduate degrees and short courses to those from the private sector.


Our Institute

CSI Institute has been providing learners with academic excellence, cultural engagement and personal enrichment since its inception. Its renouned in Somaliland for its expertise.


Facilities and Service

Our library houses an extensive collection of books, journals and other specialist materials to support the subjects taught at the CSI campus. .


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EMAIL: info@csisomaliland.com TELEPHONE: +252634437003 +252634478830

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