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LG M&E Consultant

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I.  General Information

Title of Position:                                               LG M&E Consultant  
Type of Contract: Develop monitoring and evaluation tools for LGI capacity development
Duration of the assignment:  45 Days
Duty station: LGI/CSI – Somaliland
Supervisor:     LGI Deputy Director
Second Supervisor: CSI Director/MOI DG

II. Organization Context

The Somaliland Ministry of Interior (MoI) is responsible for the local government’s portfolio, including district council formation, establishing systems for local governance structures and strengthening their capacity with a view to promoting democratic and accountable local governments that provide better basic services for stability and enhanced peace. In this regard, MoI supports service delivery at the local level through political, fiscal and administrative decentralization.  Local Governments (encompassing local administrations and district councils) are the third and lowest tier of elected/representative government and are crucial to building confidence in government structures because of their proximity to citizens – and the likelihood of it being the first encounter for people with the government. District Councils provide basic services to the public in coordination with the regions and national MoI.

The Somaliland government is undertaking major reforms to enhance local governance and service provision for the benefit of the population. These include the Expansion Strategy, an initiative by the Somaliland government in partnership with the United Nations Joint Programme on Local Government and Service Delivery (UN JPLG), whose aim is to extend government support to all 23 districts in Somaliland.

Since 2012 the Somaliland government and the UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery in Somaliland (JPLG) which is a five-year joint programme comprising ILO, UNCDF, UNDP, UN-HABITAT and UNICEF with the overall goal of “creating an enabling environment for improved service delivery and greater stability, through improved legal, policy and system frameworks – building the knowledge of those working in and with local governments” have been helping Somaliland government to pilot service delivery in 8 districts – i.e. Berbera, Borama, Burao, Gabilay, Hargeisa, Odweyne, Sheikh and Zaylac – through devolution of some functions to enhance service delivery. Progress made, and lessons learned in the process have made it possible for the government to extend the intervention to the remaining 15 districts to close the capacity gap between both sets of districts.

In relation to this, the government of Somaliland established the Local Government Institute (LGI). The purpose of the LGI is to train local government technical staff and elected leaders so that they can enhance local governance and service delivery through improved performance of their roles and functions. Therefore, LGI intends to hire a national consultant to develop a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework and implementation plan to be used for assessing and understanding the plans, process, achievements and impact of capacity building initiatives of the Local Government Institute.

The national consultant will provide the roadmap to monitor and evaluate the LGI’s contribution to achieving the desired impact of producing local councillors, municipal administration and staff capable of delivering better services to the community. The framework should also assess the success/failure of implementation progress, program reach, and intended and unintended effects of capacity building programs on local government services as well as the community.

III. Scope of work
The Consultant will be expected to carry out and deliver on the following tasks:

a)      Review JPLG project documents including the log frame, annual targets and indicators, a theory of change and existing monitoring tools.

b)      Develop a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework and road map for implementation for the Local Government Institute Capacity building initiatives:

·         The framework should outline performance indicators (output and outcomes) with clear definitions, milestones, data collections strategies, and frequency of collection. It should include methodologies for measuring these and who is responsible for collection. It should also clearly demonstrate how the impacts outlined will be measured and evidence for the evaluations will be generated. Systematic disaggregation of data including by sex, position/title, type and geographical location will be important throughout. Views from intended beneficiaries should be sought and fed into the evaluation

·         The framework should take into consideration national and JPLG M&E systems, draw on existing data available and ensure new data collection proposed is complementary to existing systems and data is made available to national stakeholders as far as possible.

c)       Set and measure the baseline.

d)      Develop the evaluation strategy related to relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability, coverage and coherence and the capacity building program’s Theory of Change. Evaluation methods to test and explore impacts should be specified. The Evaluation should gather robust evidence about how, where and why (or why not) the capacity building initiative was effective and achieved results. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) changes will be important to capture. The evaluation strategy should correspond to the capacity building initiative’s operation context, learning and operational needs, as well as donor requirements. It should also specify how evaluative data will be captured.

e)      Develop draft terms of reference for conducting independent reviews and evaluations.

The consultant will also work closely with the Ministry of Interior and ensure the M&E systems and practices are in line with the DDFs and the National Development Plan2.

IV. Deliverables
Summary of Key Functions:

Under the supervision of the LGI Director, The Consultant will provide a final report that includes:

·         A comprehensive M&E framework for the Local Government Institute capacity building activities including a detailed implementation plan for monitoring activities, an evaluation strategy as well as design and information requirements for the evaluation.

·         A baseline assessment and plan to address any information gaps through the survey or other relevant data collection tools.

·         Terms of Reference for independent external reviews and evaluations

·         Final activity report

Deliverables/Outputs Estimated Duration to complete Target due date Payment Installment (%) Review and Approvals required
Inception report on the completion and submission of the work plan, detailing how is the assignment will be accomplished with realistic timelines.      


Completion of baseline plan with survey and relevant data collection tools.      


Completion and acceptance of comprehensive M&E framework, the implementation guideline/plan on its rollout, and submission of the final report with recommendations.      






Deliverables will be reviewed and certified as satisfactory by the CSI/LGI Director-General and UNDP – JPLG. They must be submitted in both electronic versions in relevant Microsoft Office format and hard/printed copy.

VI: Qualifications and Experience
Education: Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Public Finance, Development Administration, Political Science, Economics, Applied Statistics, Decentralization and Local Governance, and other related fields.

Additional qualifications in M&E methodologies and adult learning are an added advantage.

Experience: The Consultant should have knowledge and experience in the following areas:

·          Design and delivery of robust, relevant and timely evaluation strategies and reviews of development interventions using qualitative and quantitative methods;

·          Expertise and experience of designing and applying robust and appropriate performance monitoring and results in frameworks (including expertise and experience in indicator development, testing and data collection/analysis);

·          Monitoring and evaluation of large, complex, long term programs

·          Generating data to demonstrate programme effects for different segments of the population

·          Reviews and evaluations in Somaliland or the Region and a demonstrated understanding of political economy issues of the country

·          Using reviews and evaluation as a tool for lesson learning

·          Experience of review and evaluation of capacity building programs, local governance and decentralized service delivery in Somaliland.

·          Good communication skills, both orally and in writing.

·          Fluency in written and spoken English

·          Self-motivated and self-driven and ability to work with a minimum of guidance.

·          Ability to push processes forward, to be persuasive and at the same time collaborative, supportive and diplomatic.

·          Ability to be calm and well-humoured while under pressure

Language Requirements: ·       Fluency in written and spoken Somali and English required.
VII: Other information
Women are strongly encouraged to apply.
VIII. Application submission
Please send your curriculum vitae, cover letter and copy of credentials marked Local Government Institute M&E/Consultant”  by November 5,  2019 at 2:00 PM to abdikadir7779@gmail.com  and copy guled.hagog@csisomaliland.com

LGI/CSI will only be able to respond to those applications in which there is further interest. 

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