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On 02 July 2019, the Ministry of Interior, the Civil Service Commission and the Civil Service Institute had officially launched the Local Government Institute in an event held at Mansoor Hotel Hargeisa Somaliland. The Local Government Institute (LGI) is officially hosted under the Civil Service Institute of Somaliland (CSI) and will be responsible for the capacity building of local government staff, administration and councillors. The Local Government Institute was opened by the Minister of Interior Honorable Mohamed Kahin, the Chairman of Civil Service Commission Honorable Farhan Adan Haybe and the Director Generals of the Civil Service Institute and Ministry of Interior. Other guests include the Minister of Transport and Roads Development, Minister of Education, Director General from different institutions and the Mayors of Berbera, Burao, Borama, Gebilay and Ainaba.

The LGI was established by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) after it has recently introduced in the Local Government Staff regulation XrLr/2014, which provides powers and procedures for district councils to regulate their employee through the establishment of Local Civil Service Commission in respective Jurisdiction. This law passed in September 2018 was designed to be the Government’s main institution for providing training to local governments in Somaliland in order to enhance local governance and service delivery. The law indicates that LGI shall be temporarily under the Civil Service Institute administratively until local governments are able to have the facilities to host it and that director of the LGI shall be under the Director General of the Civil Service Institute.

The Local Government Institute (LGI) is aimed to complement through capacity building the on-going local governance reforms that are aimed at promoting better governance, peace and socio-economic development in Somaliland. The LGI aims to pursue those strategic objectives under its current strategic plan (2019-2021) and deliver quality in-service and leadership training that meets local governance and service delivery needs. This will develop effective local and international partnerships for local government training and capacity development, enhance understanding and appreciation of Somaliland’s local governance and service delivery issues. This will also help to develop and maintain effective Local Government Institute governance and management systems of facilities and support the Government-led Expansion Strategy for all Somaliland districts.

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