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Induction Training for Civil Servants Recruited in Sool


CSI conducted two days induction training for newly recruited civil servants from Sool region. The purpose of the training was to familiarize the recruits with civil service rules, regulations and policies and duties and responsibilities.

Opening of the Training

Chairman of the Civil Service Commission, CSI Deputy Director General and CSC Commissionaires participated the opening of the training on 11th July 2017. CSI deputy Director General welcomed the trainees to CSI and elaborated the importance the training and then CSC Chairman opened the training and encouraged the trainees to take training and explained objective of the training and its significance to new civil servants.

Training Methods

The training was conducted under a trainee-centric-approach, stressing on short lectures together with trainees active participation, group discussions, class assignments and presentation supported by practical exercises and experience sharing to ensure trainees gained the knowledge. The training is aimed to enable the participants to apply their knowledge, skills and attitude to their daily actual work. At the end of the training, trainees who successfully completed the training were provided certificate of participation.

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